Josh-We started 3RiversK9 with one goal in mind. To provide people with the same kind of loyalty and help we have had from dogs over the years. I served in the army as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician, worked for two Sheriff's departments and have provided years of service in government contracting. Over the years I have witnessed dogs save countless lives.  When I am not home with the family, I love the comfort that my German Shepherd provides for my family.  She is more than a source of protection, she is a family member.

Alex- I went into Law Enforcement knowing I wanted to become a K9 officer. Before I started my career at the police department I had already began working with dogs. Something about a high drive working dog just inspired me. Early on I achieved my goal by becoming the K9 Sergeant at my department. My dog, Rik was the best partner I have ever had to this day. When Rik retired I bought him from the department and he continued to be my partner at home. When Rik passed away from Lymphoma, there was a void left in my family. My wife and I knew that we would be getting another dog and that we wanted it to have the high drive that only a working dog can bring. We now have a Malinois and a Dutch Shepherd that stay in the house with us and our children full time. I never worry about the nights that I work patrol knowing that they are in the house. I started this business because of the passion that I have for dogs and because I know the many ways they can help in a civilian and patrol capacity.   

At 3RiversK9 we want to help you find your dog.  If it is an aggression started work dog with a narcotics imprint, finished explosive dog, finished duel purpose dog, or a puppy from one of our prestigious European bloodlines. Contact us and let us help.

Alex and Josh want your experience with 3RiversK9 to be one of the best of your life. We value our customers and believe in having a connection with them throughout the purchasing process as well as when their dog is in the home. We will remain available if any questions ever arise and will assist you in anyway possible.